PHOTO CAPTION: BYD K9 electric transit bus on display at EVS 25 in Shenzhen, China.

BYD's First Electric Vehicle in North America Will Be K9 Bus

Los Angeles could be first city to acquire and deploy in this transit fleet.

Published: 10-Dec-2010

BYD Company Limited's first vehicle to hit the US road might be an all-electric bus and the US market is set to be the company's largest overseas market.

Company announced it would delay launch of F3e all-electric sedan until wider deployment of charging stations in China.

BYD, partly owned by billionaire Warren Buffett, is currently building its US headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. It will open late this year or early 2011.

Los Angeles First Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner told China Daily his city will add electric buses to the metropolitan fleet as part of the city's efforts to cut greenhouse emissions, and BYD's electric bus is being tested.


BYD E6 is all electric crossover that will is likely to be first sold to US fleet operators.

BYD will begin by selling the e6 directly to US fleet customers before developing a dealership network.

BYD E6 electric car could be headed to Germany in 2011.

Models would include F3DM plug-in hybrid and E6 all-electric.

Warren Buffett inspects new BYD K9 electric transit bus.

Appears to be BYD-authored oped describing new business strategy with significant focus on grid-scale energy storage technology.


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