U.S. Senator Push for Capitol Hill Charging Stations

Carl Levin finds red tape getting electric car charging stations installed for Congress.

Published: 10-Dec-2010

Detroit — Sen. Carl Levin is fighting to get electric vehicle charging stations installed at the U.S. Capitol complex.

The Detroit Democrat said today he has ordered an extended range 2011 Chevrolet Volt that he plans to drive to and from the Capitol and his nearby Washington home — and show off to Senate colleagues.


Young woman plugs electric car into Elektrobay charging stanchion in London, England.

Elektrobay EBConnect software collects transactional data from charging stanchion network.

BMW Mini-E, one of several hundred leased in southern California.

Online rate assistant can provide estimated comparison of the average monthly electricity and gasoline bills.

Coulomb ChargePoint with Smart electric car.

Funds to help accelerate product development of the ChargePoint(R) Network, enhance customer support and drive sales.


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