PHOTO CAPTION: Ford Focus EV part of Ford Motor Co. exhibit area at 2011 NAIAS. Photo: EV World

Ford Claims Its Electric Car Charger Better Than Nissan's

240-volt home unit priced $700 less than Nissan's and capable of full recharge in half time of LEAF.

Published: 12-Jan-2011

Ford's multipronged Focus Electric intro at the Consumer Electronics Show included big news on the charging front, as the automaker aimed a couple of darts at competitor Nissan Leaf.

Ford said it would hook up with Best Buy to sell and install 240-volt home charging stations for $1,499 - around $700 less than what Nissan is selling Leaf charging stations for through its car dealers. Moreover, Ford said, because the Focus Electric comes with a 6.6-kilowatt charger, it can be fully juiced "in three to four hours - charging in half the time as the Nissan Leaf."

Ford said Best Buy's Geek Squad would handle the consultation and installation for its charging units, with third-party licensed electrical contractors also in the mix, presumably on homes with substandard electrical service.


Ford Focus electric car prototype.

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Ford Transit Connect Electric van co-developed with Azure Dynamicss.

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Ford Transit Connect Electric

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