Cars Like Chevy's Volt Are the Future of the Auto Industry

Experts are sure that despite any potential hiccups, the future belongs to cars like Chevy Volt and they are here to stay, writes Naveen Kar.

Published: 25-Jan-2011

Whatever be the opinions and initial teething problems Chevrolet Volt will face, but experts feel that it is going to lead the future of American Automobile Market

The fact that the Chevrolet Volt has become a reality and it really seems like a miracle. The project was presented at the North America Auto Show in Detroit in January 2007 and its mass production is going to commence in the coming months.

The car survived changing of two CEOs, bankruptcy of the company and the unprecedented bailout by the federal government. Today the car has become a political ‘toy’ in saving GM and Chrysler and a symbol for future of the American automobile industry.


Chevrolet Volt takes 3-4 hours to charge at 208-240V.

The Volt will automatically burn off gasoline when it senses it may be getting old.

Screen capture from Chevrolet Voltec drive system animation.

Chevy Volt’s gas engine does turn the wheels. Sometimes.

Chevrolet Volt achieved 127 mpg during nearly 300 test drive around Los Angeles.

Motor Trends' Johnny Lieberman gets to put 299 miles on the Volt driving around Los Angeles.


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