Jolt and the Rise of Electriconomics

Heather Clancy queries the author of 'Jolt! The Impending Dominance of the Electric Car' on the viability of EVs.

Published: 15-Feb-2011

There was plenty of debate last week over whether or not President Obama’s goal of having 1 million plug-in or full electric vehicles on the road in the United States by 2015 is achievable. Last week, I spoke with a long-time automobile and technology industry executive, James Billmaier, who has just published a new book suggesting that the forces of the “electriconomy” have reached a point of no return and that electric cars will reach mass adoption quicker than we think both domestically and abroad. But the United States has its work cut out if it wants to be a market leader.

Here’s an excerpt from the prologue of the new book, “Jolt! The Impending Dominance of the Electric Car.”

“There is no longer any question of whether or not we will adopt an electric-based transportation system. We will. And the transition will come much more quickly than most ‘experts’ predict. All major automakers have some type of plug-in vehicle coming out in the very near future, with the first cars due out at the end of 2010. The U.S. can’t afford to be left behind. But we’re going to need to move fast to become the undisputed market leader.”



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