Electric RipJet Promises Pollution-free Marine Propulsion

Electric RipJet can create a comparable thrust to a 175 lb. conventional gas motor.

Published: 21-Feb-2011

Ft. Lauderdale, FL February 16, 2011 – Maelstrom Systems, LLC of Tallahassee Florida has hired World Wide Marine Consultants to market their innovative RipJet® electric powered jet drive to the marine industry and has the exclusive marketing rights to the marine marketplace worldwide.

The RipJet® is a totally electric water propulsion motor that looks like a miniature aircraft jet turbine engine. Inventor Professor Hugh Nicholson, working in conjunction with Boston University, discovered new physical properties of water that separates a water and vapor stream within the drive and pushes out significantly greater thrust than it takes in. Independent tests from the University of Michigan’s Hydrodynamics Lab reports that a 15 lb. electric RipJet® can create a comparable thrust to a 175 lb. conventional gas motor. Not-to-mention, all the other numerous environmental, safety and economical benefits derived from its clean, lithium ion power addresses many of today’s issues surrounding traditional gas motors.

Ken Hall, CEO of WWMC, states, “The application for this product within the marine industry hold tremendous potential and will revolutionize the way propulsion systems are used. I’ll be introducing the Rip Jet® to select prospects during the Miami Show and welcome all inquiries from our media partners.”

World Wide Marine Consultants is a marketing collaboration between Ken Hall, the former CEO and founder of American Marine Holdings, and Brainstorms Advertising. Together they have a long history of producing smart, creative solutions that drive sales.

Maelstrom Systems, LLC hires WWMC to market new electric jet drive.

Maelstrom Systems, LLC is a venture between the inventor Hugh Nicholson and author Tom Clancy (Hunt for Red October) and other hi-profile investors.

Military applications for the RipJet® is currently undergoing testing by the U.S. Department of Defense.

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