PHOTO CAPTION: Patrick Wang's Chevrolet Volt

More Volt Owners Going Online

Pam Allen reports on various Chevrolet Volt owners who are reporting on their experiences with the electric hybrid.

Published: 22-Feb-2011

Juicing up the Chevy Volt is easier than one might think: Plug the car into a standard 110-volt outlet and allow between eight and 10 hours to fully charge a spent battery.

Rick Lipinskas wanted to do the job in less time: He ordered a custom-designed 240-volt charger that fully restores the battery in four hours tops.

He had the special charger installed two weeks ago in the garage of his home in Guilderland after learning that his hybrid electric Volt—number 1,428 of the 10,000 that General Motors plans to make in 2011—was assembled and ready for shipment.


Adolph Hitler inspects model of Volkwagen 'people's car' in 1939.

Jonah Goldberg joins Chevy Volt critics, comparing it to Hitler's "People's Car" scam.

Chevy Volt's MSPR at $41,000 prices it in the upper middle-class car market.

John Crisp takes on Volt critic Jonah Goldberg in this oped.

2011 Chevrolet Volt can be plugged in while away from home, but doesn't have to be. That's the beauty of it.

Wired looks at what's changed since the last spike in electric car activities in the late 1990s.


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