PHOTO CAPTION: German-developed seven-pin EV plug differs from Japan-developed and US Adapted J1772 connectors.

Common Standards for EVs Key to Consumer Appeal

Companies and countries need to agree on common standards so consumers can move more easily move between countries.

Published: 03-Mar-2011

Automakers will need broad, political support to come up with a common standard for plugs and infrastructure for electric cars if they are to become a convenient option for consumers, they said.

Auto executives gathered at the Geneva auto show this week said a lack of standardization could become an issue when the zero-emission cars start to sell in larger numbers by mid-decade, as they compete with low-emission hybrids.

"Standardization and harmonization is a big critical issue in Europe," said Michel Gardel, vice president at Toyota Motor's European operations. "Because for now if we travel from Denmark to Italy you have to change your plug four times."


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