PHOTO CAPTION: Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car similar to those being delivered to Estonia.

Estonia Trades Carbon Credits to 500+ Electric Cars

Besides 507 i-MiEV electric cars, Mitsubishi also agreed to build 250 charging stations.

Published: 06-Mar-2011

Trying to get the best possible out of its unused carbon dioxide credits, Estonian Government website reported today about the successful trade of 10 million of unused credits with…507 brand new i-MiEV, the electric cars produced by the Japanese Mitsubishi!

The new vehicles will arrive in Estonia by December and will be distributed to civil servants to the precise aim of giving a significant example in terms of alternative mean of transprtation.

The deal signed with Mitsubishi, together with the 507 i-MiEV cars, includes also another important point as the Japanese company agreed to build 250 different points for charging electric cars guaranteeing the coverage of all the larger Estonian towns and the most popular higways.


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