PHOTO CAPTION: Retired oil company executive James Brazell takes delivery of his Volt at Lindsey Chevrolet in Virginia.

GM Selling Every Volt It Can Build

Through February 28, 2011, the company has sold 982 Chevrolet Volt electric hybrids.

Published: 10-Mar-2011

With gas price climbing and all the hype, the Chevrolet Volt wonder car is the most in-demand car that General Motors sells, the automaker said today.

That's partly because affluent customers want one of the $41,000 extended-range electric cars. And it's partly because there are so few to go around.

With Volt on sale for three months, GM says it sold 982 Volts through Feb. 28. Sounds paltry so far as far as car sales go, but the numbers will grow as the year wears on.


Adolph Hitler inspects model of Volkwagen 'people's car' in 1939.

Jonah Goldberg joins Chevy Volt critics, comparing it to Hitler's "People's Car" scam.

Chevy Volt's MSPR at $41,000 prices it in the upper middle-class car market.

John Crisp takes on Volt critic Jonah Goldberg in this oped.

2011 Chevrolet Volt can be plugged in while away from home, but doesn't have to be. That's the beauty of it.

Wired looks at what's changed since the last spike in electric car activities in the late 1990s.


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