PHOTO CAPTION: Indian-made Reva electric car is one of two pure EVs available in Costa Rica.

Expomovil Aims to Spark Electric Car Interest in Costa Rica

Only the i-MiEV, Reva and Prius are available in the Central American nation.

Published: 13-Mar-2011

On a crowded city street in San José in early March, a small orange car about the size of a Shetland pony pulled in front of a bus and nestled between the front grille of the 50-passenger vehicle and the rear of a cargo truck. The contrast in size was comical.

“It looks like a toy!” the bus driver said as he and his passengers watched the small car inch along in traffic. “What is it?”

The car was a Reva, the pint-sized electric car that arrived on the streets of Costa Rica in 2009.


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