PHOTO CAPTION: Better Place charging station will automatically swap the car's battery.

Better Place Opens 1st Battery Swap Station in Israel

About 10,000 people signed an “interested” list for Renault-built Fluence ZE electric cars in Israel.

Published: 28-Mar-2011

Sitting in the back seat of a Renault Fluence Z.E. car during the five-minute battery exchange process, one hears only silence as the engine restarts.

Better Place launched its first battery-swapping station in Israel on Wednesday morning in Kiryat Ekron, next to Rehovot.

The station is the first of approximately 40 stations to operate around the country in the near term, nine of which have already been completed.


In April 2010, Better Place and Chery agreed to collaborate on giving the G5 battery-swapping capability.

Is Better Place's battery-swapping strategy also a better idea?

Prototype battery exchange demonstrator in Japan

Danish web sites offer insights into costs for Better Place electric car network.

Renault electric car conversion used for Better Place demonstrations in Israel.

Gilad Nir deals with cynical Globes reporter, saying Better Place has identified a global trend.


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