PHOTO CAPTION: London Mayor Boris Johnson with Citroen C-Zero.

London Launches First City-wide EV Charging Network

London Mayor Boris Johnson calls for city to be electric car capital.

Published: 07-Apr-2011

The London Mayor was speaking at the launch of the first city-wide electric vehicle charging network, provided by Source London. Source London has committed itself to boosting today’s 250 publicly available charging points in the capital to “at least 1,300” by 2013. Boris Johnson continued: “This is in support of the expanding range of electric cars coming to market and will deliver a range of environmental benefits in terms of pushing down on pollution in London.”

The government has already pledged £250 million funding for electric vehicles in the form of a £5,000 plug-in car grant to buyers, and there are numerous charging infrastructure projects underway throughout the country.

Despite this, the first batch of family friendly electric vehicles, like the Nissan LEAF for example, remain considerably more expensive than their petrol counterparts. Look beyond the steep sticker price, however, and there are incredible savings to be had from a fuel and maintenance point of view. Electric vehicles also incur no company car tax, no Vehicle Excise Duty and no London Congestion Charge.


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