Should DUI Bans Also Apply to E-bikes?

Missouri man and police disagree over interpretation of what is a 'motor vehicle' when it comes to whether of not he can use the motor on his electric bicycle.

Published: 13-Apr-2011

SPRINGFIELD, OR. -- If there’s one thing Paul McClain and the Springfield Police Department agree on, it’s this: A court will have to decide if McClain needs to get his driver’s license back before he may legally power up his electric bicycle and ride it along Springfield’s streets.

Since March 24, police have stopped and cited McClain five times for driving with a suspended license. In each instance, police told McClain that he can’t use the electric bicycle he recently purchased for $1,000 unless he first gets his driving privileges reinstated.

McClain — who said his license was suspended several years ago for driving a car without insurance — begs to differ.



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