Hyundai Blue2 Continues Fuel Cell Pursuit

The Blue2 features a 90 kW electric motor which is also capable of providing fuel economy of about 82 mpg.

Published: 13-Apr-2011

SEOUL -- Hyundai has revealed a latest sedan-style mid-sized hydrogen powered fuel cell EV (FCEV) concept which has given the name from its Blue-Drive sub eco-brand. The new electric vehicle was introduced at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show. The Blue2 features a 90 kW electric motor which is also capable of providing fuel economy of about 34.9 [82 mpg]. According to a report the concept car has received its moniker which combines both Hyundai’s Blue-Drive sub eco-brand as well as number 2 from the H2, a symbol for the hydrogen gas.

The new Blue2 which is also pronounced as the Blue Square consists of side cameras as well as a roof camera. The new electric vehicle also features a welcome system which is able to recognize the driver by itself and automatically open the doors. The Blue2 also has wider seats which have been made to let the passengers to enter and exit the electric vehicle very easily.

The Blue2 has an exterior design which has been called as Intersected Flow by Hyundai also features a complete windscreen and a unique glossy black line which has been swept down from bottom of C-pillar towards the lower rear of front wheel. The new FCEV concept also has a LED screen panels which are on the exterior at front as well as rear display shows the condition of the new electric vehicle.

It also joins along with the growing trend of the concept vehicles and the design dumps the usual side mirrors in the favor of cameras. The new mid-size hydrogen powered fuel cell electric vehicle concept which was unveiled at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show also contains a cleaner emission from tailpipe such as water vapor along with an ionizer which will provide fresh air inside the vehicle. The vehicle also has an antibacterial leather seats.

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