PHOTO CAPTION: Mitsubishi i-MiEV Minicab

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Minicab Goes On Sale

MiniCab i-MiEV will only be available initially in Japan.

Published: 17-Apr-2011

If you ask the dealers at Mission Mitsubishi what they think about the cars they sell, they are going to tell you one thing - they love them. And when it comes to the new electric vehicles like the MINICAB-MiEV, they’re really excited.

While the vehicle is only for sale in Japan at this time, the vehicle is a step forward for the Mitsubishi company and shows their dedication to the environment.

The design for the MINICAB-MiEV comes from the MINICAB VAN commercial mini vehicle. The new EV follows the i-MiEV as the company's second new-generation electric vehicle. Additionally, the MINICAB-MiEV is being developed to make the most out of new technology and know-how that has been gained from the development of i-MiEV.

Reliability, durability and cost performance were also areas in which Mitsubishi has concentrated for this Commercial Mini EV. It has been tested since October of 2010, with a fleet being tested by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

While commercial electronic vehicles like this one are not as abundant in the United States as of yet, this is quickly changing. One thing is for certain is that Mission Mitsubishi of San Antonio, Texas is going to be one of the leading supporters of these new “green” technologies.

Mitsubishi has a good track record for producing quality, sporty cars and trucks, as well as commercial vehicles. These days, they are truly raising the bar when it comes to zero-emissions and electric vehicles - especially for the Commercial Van market.

While other car companies are also rolling out Commercial EVs around the world, Mitsubishi is sticking to the philosophy that slow and steady wins the race. While vehicles like the MINICAB-MiEV may only be available for sale in Japan, this may change in the months and years ahead.

While the future of the automobile industry is still up in the air, changes taking place today are really helping companies like Mitsubishi take technology even further than ever before. When it comes to zero emission vehicles, they are set to be a leader in the years to come.

Anyone living in the greater San Antonio area that is interested in electric vehicles, hybrids, or cars or trucks with a good old fashioned gasoline engine should stop in at Mission Mitsubishi, the premiere Mitsubishi dealership in the region. Their friendly and knowledgeable sales staff can answer any questions about any of the great models in the Mitsubishi lineup. Test drive? That’s certainly possible as well.

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