Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Ready for Commercialization?

NPR program looks at obstacles to efforts to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market by 2015

Published: 19-Apr-2011

Honda's fuel cell electric car, the FCX Clarity, can go about 240 miles on a tank of hydrogen fuel. Compared with gasoline, that's about 60 miles to the gallon. The only emission is water so pure you could drink it.

The company has been building a limited number of these cars since 2005, so Honda was surprised when Secretary of Energy Steven Chu claimed it would take four technological miracles to make fuel cell cars viable in the marketplace.

"Simply put, he's wrong on those points. He has bad advice," Honda's Steve Ellis said at southeast Michigan's sole hydrogen fueling station. "Automakers are not foolish. We're not going to invest in technology that we see as a dead end."


London Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse with Honda FCX Clarity.

Mayor and other key figures given chance to drive hydrogen-powered car.

Honda Fit Hybrid said to get equivalent of 53.5 mpg

Fit shares the IMA hybrid drive system used in the Insight making 98 hp.

Honda Jazz, known as the Fit in North America.

Jazz Hybrid to go on sales in Europe early part of 2011 with an estimated emissions rating of 104g/km of CO2.


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