PHOTO CAPTION: Tata Indica Vista EV is now available in Britain.

UK Author's Gas Car Sits, Replaced By Electric Ones

Michael Boxwell has had a trio of EVs, is latest the new Tata Indica Vista EV.

Published: 08-May-2011

Like many families, we have always had two cars: one for long journeys and another for commuting, shopping and school runs.

With the ever increasing cost of petrol, it made sense to find an alternative. So five years ago we bought a G-Wiz. Small, slow and very basic, the car made a certain amount of sense in town. It was small enough to park anywhere and nippy enough to make buzzing around the streets a lot of fun. It was never going to be big enough to be a main family car, but it did what it needed to do well enough. For anything involving the whole family, we simply took the other car.

In late 2009, we had the opportunity to upgrade to a pre-launch version of the Mitsubishi i MiEV electric car. Big enough to take the whole family, travel further afield and fast enough to tackle motorways with ease, the Mitsubishi could genuinely be used as a main family car, relegating our petrol car to second place.


Tata CNG-Electric Hybrid Transit Bus

Four buses will be operated during the Commonwealth Games.

Tata Vista EV will retail for around £29,000.

Vista EV will have max speed of 70 mph and range of 160 km on full charge of Li-ion super polymer batteries.

Tata Hispano CNG Hybrid Bus

The vehicle chassis is capable of being integrated with pure electric mode, CNG micro turbine and hydrogen fuel cell in the future.


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