PHOTO CAPTION: DBM Energy's new Kolibri-powered Audi A2

DBM Energy Rolls Out Second Kolibri-powered Car

Original source features video and transcript of test drive of replacement Audi for one destroyed in warehouse fire this past Winter.

Published: 10-May-2011

red by the very latest battery technology, this could be the car of the future.

The battery uses lithium-polymer materials, making it lighter and more efficient than any other, according to its developers DBM Energy.

Swen Streubel converted this car to run on the so-called Kolibri battery to demonstrate its practicality. One charge and 450 kilometers (279 miles) later he says he couldn’t be more satisfied.

“This is no miracle. We have all of the components which are available in the car and in theory we can show that it is possible to travel via electricity today and that it is suitable for daily life.”


Nissan LEAF will begin to arrive in US in late 2010.

Current cost estimate by auto industry analyst is $472, which conflicts with earlier report out of the UK at equivalent of $374 kWh.

Aurora Odysseus UAV would use laminar-type batteries.

IDTechEx white paper examines potential of laminar batteries for electronics, aviation and automotive applications.

Sanyo model green home. Battery backup adds ¥2.4million to price of the home.

Goal is lower-cost battery that will last 20 years.


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