PHOTO CAPTION: Engineering students with HAAG Hybrid-electric scooter.

Indian Students Develop Hybrid Scooter

In tests carried out by the students, the HAAAG scooter could traverse 130 km with a fully-charged battery and a full tank, they claimed.

Published: 22-Jun-2011

Engineering colleges across the State have witnessed a spate of innovative creations in the field of automobiles. Most of the recent ones have focused on the need to invent vehicles that run on alternative, non-polluting fuels and manage to perform as efficiently as those running on conventional fuels.

Continuing the trend is the prototype of a hybrid two-wheeler that is intended to combine the advantages of an electric and a conventional scooter. The basic idea behind the creation is to ensure that the vehicle does not run out of electric charge during a journey.

The hybrid two-wheeler has been developed by mechanical engineering students Hariprasad K.S., Arun P. Sunny, Amal R., Anand S. Kumar and Govind Krishnan as part of their final year project at the Mangalam College of Engineering here and has been christened HAAAG (an acronym for the names of its creators).


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