AMP Brings Electric Mercedes ML350 to the Big Apple

Jonathan Shultz get's chance to test drive converted Mercedes SUV in Manhattan.

Published: 27-Jun-2011

Before the showers arrived on Thursday, New York City was the proverbial steam bath, with temperatures in the 70s, the fog ceiling settling at Midtown’s 20th floor and relative humidity at 100 percent. It was a day to crank the A/C in my 2009 Mercedes-Benz M-Class S.U.V. and hope the battery did not die.

On Thursday morning I drove an M-Class prototype from Amp Electric Vehicles, the Cincinnati-based company that converts select mass-produced passenger vehicles to run entirely on electricity. Based on the 2-wheel-drive 2009 ML350, the S.U.V. was delivered by Steve Burns, the Amp president and co-founder, and Mike Dektas, head of marketing and public relations, to the Times Center.

The electric running gear on the prototype ML EV is virtually identical to the equipment planned for the company’s first M-Class-based vehicles, Mr. Burns said. Those models are expected to go on sale in the first quarter of 2012 and are based on the redesigned 2012 M-Class.


AMP Electric Equinox

Converted SUV has range up to 100 miles based on test drive.

AMP competed in Automotive X Prize with all-electric modification of Saturn Sky sports car.

Paul Eisenstein sees 'David v. Goliath' contest developing between large, well-established carmaker and small, but aggressive start-up electric car companies.

AMP will convert Chevrolet Equinoxes similar to this model to all-electric drive for DTE Energy.

Cincinnati-based firm will convert three Equinox SUVS to electric drive with range up to 150 miles per charge.


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