PHOTO CAPTION: TranzX PST electric-assist bicycle equipped with AGT transmission.

TranzX Develops Automatic Transmission for E-Bikes

AGT allows convenient rider control of gear selection, providing TranzX PST powered e-bikes with peak electric support at all times.

Published: 05-Jul-2011

Bad Nauheim, July 5, 2011 – The JD Group, a major manufacturer of bicycle components and leading developer of electric technology for electric bicycles, announced today a new automatic gear shifting system that allows convenient rider control of gear selection, providing TranzX PST powered e-bikes with peak electric support at all times. The cyclist can choose between a fully-automatic or semi-automatic mode to effortlessly change gears. At Eurobike 2011, JD will present the development of this technology in detail to the bicycle industry for introduction in model year 2012.

The Automatic Gear Transmission (AGT) is a computer-controlled system for e-bikes which constantly calculates the optimal gear ratio to smoothly shift to the precise gear necessary to keep the rider at an ideal cadence. After a long period of development, the company is introducing a product it believes will revolutionize the electric bicycle.

“AGT is an outstanding innovation that will further boost the e-bike’s acceptance among casual cyclists. By merging this new automatic gearing system with TranzX PST, we are maximizing the potential of e-bikes to their fullest capacity. This is a logical and forward-looking development that will generate new impulses and opportunities for the e-bike market,” said Johnson Cho, CEO of the JD Group.

Besides a significantly higher level of driving comfort and enhanced riding performance, the AGT technology above all, increases energy efficiency. This is especially important for e-bikes where undershifting or overshifting results in undermining the electric system’s effectiveness. JD’s automatic transmission allows an optimization of the power ratio, generating higher acceleration speeds and moreover achieving greater riding distances.

Without any restrictions, the AGT technology can easily be integrated into TranzX PST powered e-bikes. In particular, the combination of this technology with a coaster brake is an important technical feature and vital benefit for manufacturers catering to casual cyclists.

The Winora Group will be the first to launch e-bike models equipped with JD’s AGT technology during Eurobike 2011. These fully automatic TranzX PST powered e-bikes will be available to dealers for 2012 under the Winora Comfort Series or under the Hercules Touring Series.

Technical features and functions
The AGT technology consists of hardware components including a handlebar operating unit and an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with an integrated micro-processor and software.

Located directly next to the handlebar grip, the operating and display unit allows the user to easily disable or enable the automatic function while a compact LED screen displays the active gear. In manual mode, the rider can shift gears electronically by touching an up or down button.

The ECU with its integrated computer chip receives and processes the different digital sensor data (rpm, speed, torque and tilt sensor) to analyze the actual riding condition and pedal cadence. The software then determines the appropriate gear and forwards a command to the actuator, which causes the shift cable to physically engage the gear.

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