PHOTO CAPTION: AAA mobile truck demonstrating roadside charge of Nissan LEAF electric car.

The Electric Car Charging 'Gold Rush'

Plug-In 2011 conference reveals host of electric car charging devices, along with AAA's roadside service vehicle.

Published: 21-Jul-2011

Tuesday night is "Public Night" at the Plug-In 2011 Conference & Exposition, the event at the Raleigh Convention Center for the EV — Electric Vehicles — industry. For $10, you can say you were there when your grandchildren ask, "Whatever happened to the gasoline-powered automobile?"

"Well, kids," you'll be able to say, "it was back in '11 when General Electric came out with an EV charging station in a box, and it sold at Lowe's for about $1,000.

"That's right, kids, one thousand dollars — it was the same year that the Republicans defaulted on the national debt, which as you know crashed our currency and forced the U.S. to begin using the Chinese yuan."


Halo IPT demonstrates wireless charging of a Citroen electric car.

IDTech sees half the money spent on EVs in the next ten years won't be on cars.

Honda generator on trailer can provide fast charge to stranded vehicle.

Mobile fast-charge trailer can provide stranded electric vehicles with additional 5 miles of range.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car belonging to SourceLondon, an EV charging infrastructure operator in the British capital.

Ernst & Young's 'Beyond the plug: finding value in the emerging electric vehicle charging ecosystem' identifies business risks and opportunities in charging system build out.


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