PHOTO CAPTION: 1000 Watt electric bicycle conversion kit

Aussie's E-Bike Conversion Kit Turns Into Global Business

Inventor is professor at University of Western Australia who is also involved in solar algae hydrogen research.

Published: 28-Jul-2011

Cycling to work is a great way to keep fit - but many potential two-wheel commuters are deterred by the thought of battling up Perth's steep hills.

Matthew Timmins of Mosman Park says he has the perfect solution: an electric bicycle.

Using a conversion kit of his design, he rides his electric bike to the University of WA every day, skimming up hills with ease aided by the electric motor and pedalling normally on the flat.


Al Yousuf  also became chairman of ZAP Motors in 2008.

Major shareholder in Phoenix Motorcars and chairman of ZAP Motors also takes serious interest in electric bicycles.

Yamaha PAS electric bicycle

Sales of electric bicycles in 2009 rise to 364,815, up more than 54,000 over 2008.

Daymak 'Shadow Ebike' developed in Canada

The Shadow Ebike is the first wireless electrical bike featuring wireless brakes, wireless throttle, and a wireless pedal assist system


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