Britain Deploys Motorway Charging Network

Ecotricity launched 12 Welcome Break service stations, each free of charge, and 17 more are being promised before the end of the year.

Published: 01-Aug-2011

The automobile industry has found itself in a bit of a transitional stage as of late, which has left both manufacturers and consumers with a little dilemma. The future of cars seems most definitely to be going down the electric route, which is great as they are much cleaner for the environment and also use a renewable energy resource meaning resources that will inevitably run out are avoided.

The dilemma which is occurring is manufacturers are reluctant to invest in producing electric vehicles as consumers are reluctant to buy them. As The Charging Point explains, this is because there is a distinct lack of car charging points, as putting these points in cost the government a lot of money and if there isn’t enough cars that use them there’s no point installing them; it’s a cycle that needs to be overcome in order for things to progress.

The way which this must be overcome is for part of the cycle to take a risk and we have news that the UK government has done exactly that, as they have invested in a motorway to include a car charging network of points that offer EV drivers an open road to break free of the city. The world’s first national motorway dedicated to EV drivers. What’s more important is these points are actually free of charge, an incentive perhaps to encourage more drivers to invest in EVs.


Young woman plugs electric car into Elektrobay charging stanchion in London, England.

Elektrobay EBConnect software collects transactional data from charging stanchion network.

BMW Mini-E, one of several hundred leased in southern California.

Online rate assistant can provide estimated comparison of the average monthly electricity and gasoline bills.

Coulomb ChargePoint with Smart electric car.

Funds to help accelerate product development of the ChargePoint(R) Network, enhance customer support and drive sales.


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