PHOTO CAPTION: Bicycle Library utilizes retired London Transit bus.

Check Out Bikes From London's Mobile Bicycle Library

Seven styles of bicycles are offered for short test rides including electric.

Published: 20-Aug-2011

The Bicycle Library is a lending library--for bicycles. Interested, wanna-be cycle buyers can take out a bike for a day, just like the library, and test drive it. If you like it, the library links you up with the right bicycle dealer and your rental goes toward the purchase.

So sensible: prospective buyers can make an informed decision about what they want, instead of test-driving a bicycle in a shop for 10 minutes.

The "library" is a bicycle matchmaker between cyclists and the dealers. Seven different types of bicycles are available for daily rental: folding, MiniVelo, FGSS, Coasters, cargo and electric.


Young lady cycles in downtown Sydney, Australia.

New Sydney regulations meant to encourage more light, air in apartments and greater use of bicycles.

E+ electric bike appears to be successor of earlier Wavecrest TidalForce bike.

Electric bikes make up just one percent of the 15 million bikes sold annually in the United States.

BYD e6 taxi in service in Shenzhen, China

BBC commentator Peter Day compares bicycle-dominated Amsterdam to Shenzhen, China, home of electric carmaker BYD.


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