PHOTO CAPTION: Model Kelly Brook with London Mayor Boris Johnson arriving for cycling event.

Bicycling Booming in Britain

'British Cycling Economy' paints a rosy picture of bicycle retail, claiming increased sales of 28 percent year on year in 2010 with sales of 3.7m bikes generating £1.62bn.

Published: 23-Aug-2011

LONDON, UK - A 24-page report on the state of the 'cycling economy' and the prospects for the future has been released by an academic at the London School of Economics. The report - 'The British Cycling Economy' - was written by Dr Alexander Grous, a productivity and innovation specialist in the Centre of Economic Performance at LSE.

He has an interest in sports and sponsorship economics including how corporate participation in sports can foster social, economic and health benefits. His report was commissioned by Sky TV and British Cycling. Sky TV sponsors the Team GB cycling team and also organises Skyrides, mass participation city centre bike rides.

Dr Grous said: "Cycling in the UK has undergone a renaissance over the past five years, with an increasing number of people taking to the streets of the UK by bike. Structural, economic, social and health factors have caused a ‘shift in the sand’ in the UK, spurring an expansion in the cycling market with indications that this will be a longer-term trend. This growth in cycling participation has had the knock-on effect of bringing economic and social benefits to the UK. In 2010 the result was a gross cycling contribution to the UK economy of £2.9bn."


Young lady cycles in downtown Sydney, Australia.

New Sydney regulations meant to encourage more light, air in apartments and greater use of bicycles.

E+ electric bike appears to be successor of earlier Wavecrest TidalForce bike.

Electric bikes make up just one percent of the 15 million bikes sold annually in the United States.

BYD e6 taxi in service in Shenzhen, China

BBC commentator Peter Day compares bicycle-dominated Amsterdam to Shenzhen, China, home of electric carmaker BYD.


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