PHOTO CAPTION: FlyKly electric 'moped' comes in two models.

FlyKly Electric 'Moped' Success Heads West

First introduced in New York City, the FlyKly moped recently debuted in San Francisco area.

Published: 24-Aug-2011

Electric bike maker FlyKly is bringing its stylish, powerful and eco-friendly bikes to San Francisco after having a blowout launch in New York earlier this summer. The company, which opened up shop on June 20th, sold out its entire stock of bikes in July at a pop-up store in Soho. Now, the bikes are being made available in San Francisco.

Calling these things “bicycles” seems odd, though – a term that conjures up streamers from from the handlebars and a wicker basket tied to the front. Instead, these “bicycles” look more like scooters. But since the bikes don’t go over 20 MPH, you don’t need a license to drive them.

The new bikes come in two designs: vintage and modern, each which sport a 100% electric lithium-ion battery. For just a $1's worth of electricity, you’ll get 1,000 miles of riding, says FlyKly, at 40 miles per charge. (The battery reaches a full charge in just a few hours.) The battery is also removable, so you can charge it anywhere you want. And if the battery ever runs out, you can pedal manually to keep going.



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