PHOTO CAPTION: IKCO Samand will shortly be available with micro-hybrid stop-start system.

Iranian Samand Micro-Hybrid in Development

IKCO produced and tested 55 micro-hybrid Samands in 2010.

Published: 05-Sep-2011

IKCO is going to mass produce Micro-hybrid Samand in near future. The company's CEO, Javad Najmeddin in this regard said, "Hybrid development is a part of IKCO's approach toward modern technology to reduce fossil fuel consumption."

Last year, 55 micro-hybrid Samands were produced, all of which passed different types of tests successfully.

"Start-stop system is the main specification of micro-hybrid cars," Najmeddin said and then referred to the battery, ignition system, instrument panel and the main harness as some other modified parts and components in micro-hybrid cars, emphasizing the installation of these parts on XU7 engine which will be used on EF7 engines later."

Najmeddin reiterated that micro-hybrid Samand shuts down at speeds lower than five kilometers per hour automatically. This is most advantageous for vehicles which spend significant amounts of time waiting at traffic lights or frequently come to a stop in traffic jams.

Two sensors, one on the gearbox and the other on the booster, control stop-start process when stopping and stepping on the clutch to restart.

The CEO finally underscored that IKCO has fulfilled all the related programs and activities and the company will mass produce this car in close future, while producing taxis that enjoy this system receives the main focus.

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