PHOTO CAPTION: Brammo Empulse, winner of 2011 North American TTXGP race series for electric motocycles

Brammo Wins North American TTXGP in 2011

Race at Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, Utah marks end of 2011 North American race series.

Published: 07-Sep-2011

In todays finale of the TTXGP 2011 North America electric motorcycle race series, MotoCzysz won by a large margin, and Brammo ended up winning with the North American championship title. The race featured a rematch between MotoCzysz and Lightning, and unlike their previous this time MotoCzysz led the whole race handliy winning.

The TTXGP is an international zero-emissions (electric) motorcycle grand prix racing series with racing series conducted in North America, Europe and Australia. Today's race marked the end of the North American series, and both the European and Austrailian series have more races before their seasons conclude. The winning teams of each content-level series will meet at a grand championship race we expect to be held in October, but at an as yet unannounced location.

As noted yesterday (see The finale of the TTXGP 2011 North American series at Miller Motorsports Park) the starting grid was MotoCzysz (Shane Turpin riding), Brammo (Steve Atlas riding), Moto Electra (Thad Wolff riding), and Proto Moto (Ely Schless riding) with the two bikes brought by Lightning Motorcycles (Tim Hunt and Ted Rich riding) in the rear. This was because Lightning arrived too late to participate in the qualifying race and was placed at the rear of the grid.


Brammo production facility Sárvár, Hungary

Sárvár production line is capable of producing 660 motorcycles a month and will initially produce the Brammo Enertia and Enertia Plus for North American, European and Asian customers.

Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle

Brammo will develop an affordable, accessible race-ready platform for teams wishing to compete in the TTXGP World Championship 2013.

Brammo Enertia Plus electric motorcycle.

Oregon-based electric motorcycle makers acquires Qauntyaparx chain of European dirt bike race tracks.


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