PHOTO CAPTION: Peugeot Capsule electric concept ATV

Five Electric ATV Concepts Could Offer Silent, Clean Off-Roading

These fun off-road machines might someday take to the woods and trails of the world, powered by electricity.

Published: 12-Sep-2011

Human being has blotted natural exquisiteness and innate resources are at the verge of depletion. The problem of global warming is growing day by day which has forced us to invent hybrid vehicles. These vehicles reduce carbon footprints and in a way make apology to the Mother Nature for messing up with its serenity. Given below are five vehicles designed to run emission free on electricity

1. Urban ATV
Urban ATVUrban ATV - A futuristic vehicle for smooth, eco-friendly drive
Rising environmental problems and concerns regarding overcrowding of cities made Angela Martin, the Argentine designer design a new concept vehicle known as Urban ATV. Basically it has been designed to carry passengers within a city, as suggested by its name, but it can exert on rural and off roads as well. It is powered using an electric motor. It offers seating capacity for 2 people and its compact design solves the problem of congested city traffic. This eco-friendly car offers a green and clean drive and reduces carbon footprints to a large extent.

2. Peugeot Capsule
Peugeot CapsulePeugeot Capsule - Electric ATV keeps you connected to the world
Inspired by touring motorcycles like Kawasaki KLR 650, Peugeot Capsule concept has been designed by South African based designer Alp Germaner. It performs very efficiently keeping in mind all the environmental aspects. It is quite spacious and suitable for all the weather conditions. It has been powered using lithium batteries which provide propulsion to all the four wheels. The photovoltaic panel mounted on roof of the car never lets it run out of energy on a sunny day. It has a removable storage compartment that doubles its storage capacity and can be used as a desk at the campsite. Maximum functions of this vehicle are controlled by a single touch and it has also been equipped with internet-enabled technology keeping it connected with the entire world.



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