PHOTO CAPTION: Streetscooter concept would serve as platform of small delivery van, as well as passenger sedan.

Deutsche Post Contracts for Electric Delivery Vehicles

Order could include up to 20,000 electric delivery vans.

Published: 12-Sep-2011

PAPILLION, NE -- Frankfurter Allgemeine is reporting that the German Postal Service has awarded a contract to Street Scooter GmbH to develop delivery vehicles for the service, with the possibility of ordering up to 20,000 of the electric vehicles.

Street Scooter is the brain child of 33-yr-old Achim Kampker, a former amateur footballer who directs Production Management at the Machine Tool Laboratory (WZL) in Aachen, Germany. The Street Scooter project also involves a consortium of supporting partners, who envision the vehicle serving as the platform for six different models, including a all-electric van that are targeted to cost 12 000 €.

Performance specifications for the postal van version are not currently known.

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