PHOTO CAPTION: Valence batteries power BAA employee shuttle bus at Heathrow

Heathrow Rolls Out Solo EV Shuttle

Besides start of service of electric PRT pod cars, Heathrow employees now ride electric shuttle bus equipped with Valence batteries.

Published: 25-Sep-2011

Heathrow Airport continues to offer a friendly testing ground for new electric-vehicle technologies.

In April, BAA, the company that operates the London airport, began a first-of-its-kind electric pod car service to carry passengers between Terminal 5 and outlying parking lots. And this month, the 25-seat Solo EV, the first full-size, all-electric bus at a British airport, went into operation to move British Airways personnel between Terminal 5 and the company’s head office in Waterside, a few miles away.

Built by the British manufacturer Optare, the bus is projected to cover 50 to 60 miles daily, and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by about 20 tons a year, compared with an equivalent diesel-powered bus, according to company estimates.


Routemaster Hybrid-electric bus. Photo: London Transport

New Routemaster double-decker transit bus gets double fuel economy of diesel models and produces less than half the emissions in CO2.

Foothill Transit's Proterra electric transit bus.

Article profiles the LINK Transit system in Wenatchee, Washington and the east Los Angeles area Foothills Transit, both employing electric transit buses.

Proposed location in Gothenburg, Sweden for Opbrid Busbaar charging station.

Göteborg Energi will install two ultra-fast Opbrid Busbaar charging stations in Gothenburg, Sweden which will charge 3 Volvo plug-in hybrid buses


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