PHOTO CAPTION: Cycling in the Netherlands promoted in video.

Dutch Cycling Embassy Aims to Spread Biking Culture

7-minute English language video introducing Dutch Cycling Embassy initiative to offer advice and assistance in developing better bicycle infrastructure globally.

Published: 27-Sep-2011

UK politicians hand out £5000 bungs to buyers of electric cars (take up has been low) and are spending millions on e-car recharging infrastructure (there will be tears before bedtime). Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, many millions of Euros are spent on upgrading the already quite gorgeous infrastructure for bicycles.

Pah! What do the Dutch know that we don't? Quite a lot it seems.


Young lady cycles in downtown Sydney, Australia.

New Sydney regulations meant to encourage more light, air in apartments and greater use of bicycles.

E+ electric bike appears to be successor of earlier Wavecrest TidalForce bike.

Electric bikes make up just one percent of the 15 million bikes sold annually in the United States.

BYD e6 taxi in service in Shenzhen, China

BBC commentator Peter Day compares bicycle-dominated Amsterdam to Shenzhen, China, home of electric carmaker BYD.


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