PHOTO CAPTION: Hydrogen fuel cell-powered Microcab H2EV.

Hydrogen Microcab Joins UK Demonstration Fleet

Designed for urban travel, Micro:Cab is powered by 3kW fuel cell, and can run 120 miles between refueling.

Published: 29-Sep-2011

A fleet of new hydrogen fuel cell cars is to be a part of the West Midlands CABLED trial (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrator programme), a project set up to showcase and evaluate low carbon vehicles across the region.

The fleet is to include Microcab’s H2EV vehicles, the brainchild of John Jostins, professor of sustainable transport design at Coventry University (and MD of Microcab).

The H2EV includes a chassis designed by Microcab and Delta Motorsport and engineered by Lotus. It can be refueled in a matter of minutes with hydrogen just like a conventional powered car and can run for up to 120 miles (193 km) between refueling.


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