PHOTO CAPTION: Andrea Rossi in front of 1MW unit consisting of 52 smaller, still secret e-catalyst devices. Photo credit: Daniele Passerini.

Practical 'Cold Fusion' Finally?

Andrea Rossi's E-Cat just passed its biggest test to date, producing 470 kW of power more than 5 hours.

Published: 30-Oct-2011

Against all the odds, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion power plant passed its biggest test yesterday, producing an average of 470 kilowatts for more than five hours. (A technical glitch prevented it from achieving a megawatt as originally planned). The demonstration was monitored closely by engineers from Rossi's mysterious US customer, which was evidently satisfied and paid up.

Also see EV World's exclusive interview with Andrea Rossi.

The energy was output in the form of heat, measured by the quantity of water boiled off. The results are reported in NyTeknik and Pure Energy Systems News, who both had reporters present for the test. Associated Press also sent a correspondent who should be filing a story in the next few days (one suspects his editors might have some questions).

But this does not mean we can crack open the champagne and celebrate the end of fossil fuels quite yet. Skeptics have plenty of grounds to doubt whether the new test really takes us any further forwards.



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