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Electric Bicycles Attracting a New Segment of Market

'Grey market' of over 30s seen supplanting their cars with electric-assist bicycles.

Published: 02-Nov-2011

Powabyke's Richard Forsyth discusses how the e-bike market can be embraced by younger age groups

The thought of an electric bicycle that just goes by itself could be the stuff of a teenager’s daydream and yet the market, in the UK at least, has been invested in the 50-plus bracket.

There is evidence that in bike dealerships the majority of e-bikes sold are to more mature customers. A critical point to understand is that most bike shops can use electric bikes to tap into a new market of older riders rather than the usual sub-30 users.


Daymak 'Shadow Ebike' developed in Canada

The Shadow Ebike is the first wireless electrical bike featuring wireless brakes, wireless throttle, and a wireless pedal assist system

Stealth Electric Bike

The Bomber and The Fighter models have top speed of 50/31 mph and range on single charge of up to 50/37 miles respectively.

Tonaro Bighit electric bicycle.

Tonaro offers to models, both powered by patented central electric drive motor.


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