PHOTO CAPTION: Three-wheeled Zap Xebra offers 20 miles range.

Range Anxiety Little Concern to Happy Electric Car Owners

Owners of a trio of EVs including the Tesla Roadster, Nissan LEAF and Zap Xebra share how they live with their vehicles.

Published: 23-Nov-2011

Quiet enough to sneak past a librarian, a trio of electric cars parked in front of the library on Nov. 12 for perhaps the first car show ever organized by a book club.

The event was organized by Mountain View Reads Together to go with this month's assignment, the book "Eaarth" in which journalist Bill McKibben describes global warming's already devastating impact and gives his prescription for living as gracefully as possible without affordable fossil fuels. Bruce Karney, who helped organize several such events scheduled for this month, reminded those attending that "flying and driving," are the things that Mountain View residents do that make the biggest contribution toward global warming.

So on Saturday a small crowd surrounded the beautiful blue electric roadster sold by Silicon Valley's Tesla, a three-wheeled Zap Xebra and the practical new Nissan Leaf, all beloved by their owners who say that you don't necessarily have to give up much if you want your car to help save the planet.


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