Could Vitamin B12 Help Make Fuel Cells Affordable?

Carbon cathode enriched with Vitamin B12 shown to act similar to platinum in two-step oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cell.

Published: 02-Dec-2011

Vitamin B12 has recently been determined as one of the many solutions for cheaper hydrogen fuel cells, that convert hydrogen into electricity and have water as their only output. Because they currently use platinum, hydrogen fuel cells are being expensive – much over the price of lithium ion batteries, for example.

The research, performed by Taiwanese scientists from the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science in Taipei, has looked for a “non-noble-metal catalyst” to replace the expensive platinum.

Kuei-Hsien Chen explains that this is a major issue the industry is struggling to deal with.


Eniya_Listiani_Dewi, winner of Habibie Award, owns multiple patents.

Eniya Listiani Dewi winse prestigious Habibie Award for engineering.

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Goal is energy storage system that can be used to power automobiles and aircraft.

Pedego electric bikes will have fuel cell range extender.

Fuel cartridge releases hydrogen gas when sodium silicide powder is mixed with water.


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