PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF being recharged using wireless system.

Nissan LEAF Demonstrates Wireless Charging

The system is 90 per cent as efficient in power transmission as a cable system, meaning it will charge the car in about eight hours.

Published: 02-Dec-2011

THE sight of electric cars umbilically attached to their charging stations hasn't yet become commonplace.

But already the technology is about to be superseded.

Nissan in Japan has given a glimpse of the very near future in the form of a wireless charging station for its Leaf electric car.


Nissan's New Mobility Concept is similar to Renault Twizy, first unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

New Mobility Concept is an user-friendly, ultra-compact 100% electric vehicle with no emissions.

Nissan LEAF receiving final assembly plant inspection.

All three of Japan's major automobile manufactures are rolling out electric car models over the next two years.

Nissan LEAF electric car similar to that being delivered to Chalouhi family.

First customer is 31-year-old entrepreneur with wife and two children who live in Redwood City, Ca.


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