PHOTO CAPTION: Chevy Spark EV first debuts in India.

Chevy Spark EV Now in Development

Reports sees all-electric Spark coming to US market by 2013 using A123 lithium cells and GM manufactured 85 kW electric motor.

Published: 03-Dec-2011

Over ten years ago, it was General Motors (GM) to become the first major automaker to mass-produce electric vehicles. In the late 90s, GM's EV1 was an electric car with huge potential, with support from the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and waiting lists that outpaced production. When GM decided the cars were not profitable, they literally crushed virtually every EV1 ever made, leaving only a few non-drivable models for museums to reminisce on the days fully electric, efficient cars were once a reality.

The controversial discontinuation of the EV1s broke the hearts of many consumers and EV1 advocates, exemplified in the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? The director, Chris Paine, now has a new film called Revenge of the Electric Car, following the global resurgence of electric cars mainly from Nissan, GM, and Tesla.

“Ten years after they killed the electric car, it's back,” boldly reads the introduction to the film's trailer.


Once oil-soaked boom materials converted to plastic parts for Volt.

Recycling the booms will result in the production of more than 100,000 pounds of plastic resin for the vehicle components.

2011 Chevrolet Volt with Spirit of Detroit.

Innovative electric hybrid already received six previous engineering awards.

Chevrolet Volt now won numerous awards including North American Car of the Year for 2011.

Associated Press reporter Ann Job shares her impressions of the Chevy Volt electric hybrid.


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