PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet Volt structures would be made more crash resistant, despite already enjoying 5-star safety rating.

GM Engineers Closing in on Volt Battery Fixes

Proposed fixes include reinforcing battery back, strength body against side impacts and laminating circuitry.

Published: 07-Dec-2011

(Reuters) - General Motors Co is closing in on a package of proposed fixes for the Chevrolet Volt battery pack that engineers believe would eliminate the risk of a fire being triggered days after a crash, two people with knowledge of the situation said on Tuesday.

The proposed repairs under consideration would involve laminating circuitry in the Volt's 400-pound battery pack, reinforcing the case surrounding the lithium-ion battery and better protecting the coolant system from leaks in a severe crash, the sources said.

GM has acted quickly to tamp down concerns about the Volt after U.S. safety regulators opened an investigation into the fire risk from the plug-in hybrid's battery pack last month.


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