PHOTO CAPTION: Prototype Honda Accord plug-in hybrid

Honda Develops Two-Motor Plug-in Hybrid Drive

Honda will introduce plug-in hybrid in 2012.

Published: 12-Dec-2011

Honda Motor Co. has unveiled a newly developed two-motor hybrid system that will go into its next-generation hybrid cars starting next year.

A key feature of Honda's low-emissions "Earth Dreams Technology," the new system will equip new hybrid cars with two electric motors instead of the single one of current models, maximizing fuel efficiency and overall performance.

At start-up and low speeds, the electric motors will drive the car. During acceleration the car will kick into "hybrid" mode, using both its gasoline engine and electric motors, while at high speeds the gasoline engine will take over completely.


Honda EV-neo electric scooter

Honda plans to lease its EV-neo scooter to businesses, such as pizza restaurant operators and others that run delivery services in Japan.

Battery-powered Honda Fit revealed at 2010 LA Auto Show.

Motor and gearbox for all-electric Fit derived for FCX Clarity fuel cell sedan.

Honda Fit EV prototype.

The city of Torrance along with Stanford University and Google Inc., will each receive a Fit EV for testing starting in 2011


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