PHOTO CAPTION: smart pickup concept can haul two bicycles.

Smart Rumored to Debut Electric 'Pickup' Concept

Both the concept pickup and its pair of smart bicycles are powered by electricity.

Published: 12-Dec-2011

A Smart pickup? We’d never imagined such a creation before, but judging by the new For-us concept, which debuts in January at the 2012 Detroit auto show, the designers at Smart apparently have.

While the For-us is apparently on the existing ForTwo convertible, the For-us is a little bit bigger. At 97.6 inches, the concept’s wheelbase is a full two feet longer than the standard ForTwo, and the car is about 33.5 inches longer and 6.3 inches taller than the standard model.

That added length benefits the cargo space more than the passenger compartment (the For-us is still a two-seater, after all). Aft of the B-pillars is a stubby little pickup bed. The tailgate can be electrically lowered and extended, providing up to about 35.4 inches of load floor. Considering compact pickups can offer six-foot-long beds, that really isn’t that much, but Smart thinks it’s plenty for hauling small odds and ends, or perhaps a bicycle. In fact, the show car includes integrated docks/ charging ports for a pair of electric bicycles – perhaps Smart’s own eBike.


smartED ghost illustration shows electric drive system.

SmartED will be available on a four-year lease for $599/month with $2,500 down.

Head of smart, Dr. Annette Winkler with Forspeed prototype.

Zero-emission roadster powered by 16.5kWh lithium battery pack with range said to be up to 80+ miles.

SmartED is powered by electric drive.

The smart fortwo EVs will be used by the Auto Club's roadside assistance, automotive services and insurance claims fleets


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