PHOTO CAPTION: 2012 Chevrolet Volt

Volt Outsells LEAF in Canada

While numbers are comparatively small based on limited supplies, Canadians are favoring the Volt more than two-to-one over the LEAF.

Published: 14-Dec-2011

The sales race between the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan LEAF is a peculiar one, particularly given the fact that both are low volume models that appeal to a small sliver of the new car market. But since they both appeal to the greenest of buyers comparisons between the two are inevitable.

In the U.S., LEAF sales have topped Volt sales year-to-date by a significant margin (8,720 to 6,142, respectively) but in Canada it's a different story.

Chevy dealers across Canada have moved 243 Volts over the curb so far this year, compared to 111 LEAFs. Neither vehicle is widely available across the country due to tight supply. In fact, the LEAF is only sold through 27 "LEAF Certified Dealers" and even then only to people who live within a 65km radius of one of the those dealers.


Artist's vision of what AMP electric hybrid concept car might look like. Image: Car and Driver.

Car and Driver speculates GM will debut a crossover version of the Chevrolet Volt at 2011 Detroit auto show.

Captain Kaffee takes delivery of his 2011 Volt electric hybrid.

Jeffrey Kaffee, a retired airline pilot, took delivery at Gearhart Chevrolet in Denville, NJ.

Hand-over of 2011 Chevy Volt to retired airline captain Jeff Kaffee.

Detroit Free Press coverage of the hand-over of the Chevy Volt electric hybrid to the first customer, and the people whose jobs it saved.


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