PHOTO CAPTION: Close up view of retro-style Juicer 48 electric motorbike.

Electric Motorbikes Trump Cars, Motorcycles

Despite their advantages, electric-assisted bicycles or e-motorbikes/mopeds that can travel faster than 15 mph are required to be registered as a motorcycle in UK.

Published: 20-Dec-2011

Mopeds are rarely thought of as anything other than a stepping stone towards car ownership for teenagers or a death-defying way of delivering a pizza before it gets cold, but an appetite for good-looking electric vehicles that can be bought today and won’t break the bank is breathing life into the low-powered, two wheeler market.

Juicer 48

The Juicer 48 pictured right is a custom-built electric bike and a moped in the classic sense – a low-powered motor and pedals to help get the machine moving at low speeds.


Daymak 'Shadow Ebike' developed in Canada

The Shadow Ebike is the first wireless electrical bike featuring wireless brakes, wireless throttle, and a wireless pedal assist system

Stealth Electric Bike

The Bomber and The Fighter models have top speed of 50/31 mph and range on single charge of up to 50/37 miles respectively.

Tonaro Bighit electric bicycle.

Tonaro offers to models, both powered by patented central electric drive motor.


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