PHOTO CAPTION: Aptera 2e prototype; company closed its doors late in 2011.

Electric Cars: Missteps and Miscommunication

2011 has seen the production globally of some 50,000 electric cars, but it's also been a bumpy road, reports USA Today.

Published: 22-Dec-2011

Rather than electrifying auto buyers, the plug-in car revolution is feeling more like a fizzle.

A year after the first two plug-in electric cars from major makers went on sale, buyers appear put off by high sticker prices — even with federal subsidies — and, for the moment, by more-stable gasoline prices.

The Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt also have had their own issues. For owners of the Leaf, and other electric-only vehicles, there still are relatively few places to plug in and recharge away from home, limiting use. And the Volt, which has a backup gas engine to run a generator for extended range, is under the shadow of a government safety probe of why its big lithium-ion battery pack could catch fire days or even weeks after suffering severe crash damage.


EV Cup iRacer debuted in January 2010.

Series of electrically powered car races are scheduled for the UK and further afield.

Cisco Home Energy Controller

Homeowners will be able to control ECOtality Blink Level 2 chargers from Cisco's touchscreen controller.

1911 Woods Electric Dual Power Hybrid could coast along at 15 mph on its batteries and up to 35 mph on its IC engine.

Former deputy assistant to George Bush comes out in support of electric vehicles with a brief review of their early history.


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