PHOTO CAPTION: Toyota Prius Aqua/C is reputed to get 80+ mpg.

Toyota Receives 60,000 Pre-Orders for 83 MPG Prius Aqua

Based on Japan’s JC08 test cycle, the Aqua boasts a fuel economy of 35.4 kilometers per liter, or equivalent to 83 mpg.

Published: 27-Dec-2011

Toyota’s hybrid has pretty much been the Prius all this while, at least until Honda, one of the company’s main competitors, came along with the more affordable and newer Honda Insight hybrid vehicle. In order to combat the competition, Toyota has decided to launch their new hybrid vehicle, the Aqua, in Japan.

According to Toyota, the Aqua will be their smallest hybrid offering in the market and supposedly had already received an order of 60,000 ahead of its launch. As far as specifications and performance is concerned, the Aqua (based on Japan’s JC08 test cycle), boasts a fuel economy of 35.4 kilometers per liter which is an improvement over the Prius’ 32.6 kilometers per liter.

For those living overseas and who are looking to get their hands on the Toyota Aqua, the company has plans for a global rollout come 2012 which encompasses 50 countries including the US. The Aqua will be known as the “Prius c” internationally, but Europe will be getting a different model based on the Yaris compact but will still run on the same hybrid system as the Aqua.


2012 Toyota Prius PHV reportedly gets 95 MPGe compared to Volt's 94 MPGe

Toyota claims in both electric mode and hybrid, the Prius PHV offers better overall energy efficiency.

Toyota Prus PHV qualifies for both $1,500 rebate and HOV lane access.

Plug-in Prius also eligible for California's $1,500 rebate on first come, first served basis.

2012 Toyota Prius C is rated at 53 mpg in city driving.

In its first three days on the market, it sold 1,201 units, outpacing sales of both Volt and Leaf for entire month of February 2012.


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