PHOTO CAPTION: Hero Motorcorp Leap Hybrid-electric scooter

India's Hero MotoCorp Announces Hybrid-electric Scooter

Scooter uses series hybrid architecture that uses petrol motor to generate electric power to propel it.

Published: 09-Jan-2012

NEW DELHI: Hero MotoCorp will deliver its first baby on Thursday, a little over a year after it divorced Honda, its partner of 27 years. The company will unveil a new petrol-electric hybrid scooter, developed without any Honda DNA, according to a highly placed company source.

The Munjal family-owned Hero MotoCorp developed the scooter with active participation of an overseas engineering company, the source said, declining to name the tech partner.

The new scooter would also be the first global product from Hero MotoCorp, which is now free to sell bikes and scooters anywhere in the world.


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