PHOTO CAPTION: Residential GE Wattstation provides EV owner with 'full tank' of energy.

Study Finds 95% Of Trips Within Range of Electric Cars

Travel Survey data analyzed by Columbia doctoral candidates reveals that 99% of all trips are under 70 miles.

Published: 17-Jan-2012

Census data tends to render up some interesting facts about American life. Recently researchers Garrett Fitzgerald and Rob van Haaren, doctoral candidates at Columbia University, looked at the National Household Travel Survey of 2009 (and other) data to help discover why electric vehicles aren't flying off the showroom floor...yet why they should be.

Under the assumption that range anxiety is one of the main barriers to the electrification of the U.S. car fleet, Fitzgerald and van Haaren set out to show what types of trips American drivers are actually taking, and from there determine whether a fully charged electric vehicle can meet those needs.

From a 2011 Accenture survey on drivers attitudes towards EVs, the researchers gleaned that on average, drivers say they require a range of 272 miles in order to consider purchasing an electric car as their next vehicle!


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